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Bands I’ve been listening to a lot lately! Vales, Mahria, Oathbreaker, Rolo Tomassi and Punch. 
Vales are one of my favourite bands and I love Rolo Tomassi, however recently I got introduced to 3 bands with women singers/screamers. I really love the way a woman’s voice sounds screaming compared to a man (even though I love male screamers just as much) and it has really inspired me to learn how to do it! So I’ve started doing a research and practicing exercises. 
Anyway, I love these bands and you should give them a listen! 

Album Review: Vales – “Wilt & Rise” ›


The fine folks at newnoisemagazine gave Vales Wilt & Rise a great 4/5 review!


Now playing - Vales - Wilt & Rise!


After nearly a year of delays, the incredible debut full length Wilt & Rise by Cornwall, UK’s VALES is finally being released. Recorded by Alex Estrada (Touché Amoré, Joyce Manor), Wilt & Rise captures the spirit and sound of the “screamo” resurgence, while putting a unique twist on the sound unlike anyone else in the genre.

6131 Records will be releasing Wilt & Rise digitally worldwide on February 18th, with our friends at FITA Records handling a vinyl LP release in the UK, due out in March.

Stream Two Songs from Wilt & Rise by VALES on Bandcamp:

Wilt & Rise, by Vales ›

Hello, friends.


We have a bit of merch back up in the store. I’d post this on the band tumblr but I can’t remember the password.

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Snow day in Richmond.

"Scripted" Live at The Igloo House in Kearney, NE

Colarado was awesome.


My band Heirships played a show with both of these amazing bands on Monday in Cleveland Ohio. Got lucky enough to pick up both of these vinyls and meet most of the members of the bands. The night was unreal and I’m still excited about it. Listen to both of these bands ASAP

Vales - Clarity

My Iron Lung - Grief


56/365 | Vales on Flickr.


Hey Vales! Remember the vinyl you gave me? My grandparents loved it so much they started to mosh in the living room!

Literally amazing.

"Scripted" is the first offering from the forthcoming debut full length by Vales, due out in Summer 2013 via 6131 Records. Download the track for free (in exchange for a valid email address) or stream it here.

Listen/download Scripted by Vales

We are almost half way through our first US tour. We are having the best time, thanks to everybody we’ve met along the way so far.
Come hang at one of these shows.

3/27/13 Philadelphia, PA O Reilys
3/28/13 Brooklyn, NY The Acheron
3/29/13 Glen Cove, NY Moose Lodge
3/30/13 Rochester, NY Bug Jar W/ Hop Along, Taking Meds, Broken Fields
3/31/13 Albany, NY Bogies
4/1/13 Cleveland, OH Now Thats Class
4/2/13 Lansing, MI Macs
4/3/13 Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge
4/4/13 St Louis, MO Fubar
4/5/13 Colarado Springs, CO Black Sheep
4/6/13 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
4/7/13 Salt Lake City, UT Shred Shed
4/9/13 Stockton, CA Plea For Peace
4/10/13 Sacramento, CA Naked Lounge
4/11/13 Redding, CA Pastry House
4/12/13 Canoga Park, CA Cobalt Cafe