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Rocksound did a nice page about us. Photo by Chris Bavaria 

Formed just over a year ago, UK melodic hardcore/screamo newcomers Vales have achieved a hell of a lot - having already released an EP, toured internationally, signed to 6131 Records, and with the band touring and recording in the US next year, their success doesn’t appear to be grinding to a halt. Punknews interview Faye Turnbull caught up with the band ahead of their set at Hevy Fest in Kent, where they got talking about their accomplishments, a recent lawsuit which forced them to change their name and being part of the emerging ‘UK swell’ scene. “

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Our first review!

The Cornish scene has for a long time been a long running joke in the British music industry and it looked to be pretty much dying on it’s arse a few years back, but luckily a whole host of young passionate bands have sprung from seemingly nowhere to attack the UK’s underground scene.

Veils are one of those bands (alongside the likes of Crocus) who on debut EP (which is also coined as a demo but production wise sounds utterly fantastic at times) ‘Our Enlightenment Is Dead‘, show off their hardcore sound with a punk aesthetic. Led by Chlo Edwards gutteral screams the band sound like an erray of acts that I love, perhaps a less technical Converge (and I mean that in a positive sense), a heavier Comeback Kid with hints of Defeater and Give Up The Ghost for good measure. The three tracks on offer here are all well excuted, relentless punches into the side of your face until you are left staggering and begging for mercy, which makes me wonder what these lot are like live.

Our Enlightenment Is Dead‘ isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like that punk hardcore scene, then you won’t like this, but those who do will definitely at least see potential in Veils for a future full length release.


You can buy their EP here