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Formed just over a year ago, UK melodic hardcore/screamo newcomers Vales have achieved a hell of a lot - having already released an EP, toured internationally, signed to 6131 Records, and with the band touring and recording in the US next year, their success doesn’t appear to be grinding to a halt. Punknews interview Faye Turnbull caught up with the band ahead of their set at Hevy Fest in Kent, where they got talking about their accomplishments, a recent lawsuit which forced them to change their name and being part of the emerging ‘UK swell’ scene. “

 Read the interview here

We sat down (literally) with Already heard and spoke about Clarity, 6131, Our new record and some other shit.

Bristol, UK

The best thing about being in a band is meeting lots of awesome people. Hospitals are our cheeky friends from somewhere around London and this song is the best.

Our record is officially released today. Thanks to everybody who has a copy so far!!

This tour starts in 2 weeks.

Our new record Clarity is officially released in 5 days but you can pre-order and listen to it now via

There are also official clarity t-shirts only available on the tangled tour site.

Our friend Sam recorded live footage from our recent Pariso weekender and made it into a video for a song off our upcoming EP.
Here’s the first track off the Clarity E.P. -Standing Alone (Isolation).

Merry Christmas, see you in the new year x


YOUTUBE Live footage from Cornish Hardcore band, Veils.

Live footage from the last year.

With thanks to Jamie Burne for putting this all together.


Start recording in a sec yew

Drums today.

The Tangled tour was awesome, big love to Bastions, Kerouac, Goodtime boys, The long haul, Battle for paris, Let’s talk daggers and Tangled talk crew Andrej, Sarah and Chloe!

If you haven’t heard of any of these bands please do go check them out as they are the best bands in the country right now doing it for all the right reasons.

(Photo by the lovely Sam bush from Battle for paris)


This month catch us opening on the Tangled tour with the UKs Finest.. Bastions, Kerouac, The Long Haul, Let’s Talk Daggers and Battle For Paris 
All the following shows start at 6 so make sure you arrive early!
Oct 10th Wrexham @ Central Station
Oct 11th Leeds @ Royal Park Cellars
Oct 12 Edinburgh @ The Banshee Labyrinth 
Oct 13th Sheffield @ The Earl

Also check out our new shirt design exlusivly for Tangled tour but you can also pre-order one online

Thanks! /product/veils-faint-memories- shirt

Thrash Hits: Future Hits 096: Veils ›


Veils promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Cornwall, UK
Lazy Equation: (We Came Out Like Tigers + a touch of Eden Maine) x #ukswell
URL: Facebook // Tumblr // Bandcamp

Thrash Hits Verdict:
As the first act on for the second half of The Tangled Tour, the pressure will be on Veils to impress when they hit the road next month will very much be on from the word “go”. Fortunately for them, Veils sound more pissed-off than damn near any other band you’re ever hear opening a show this year. We caught up with the band’s frontwoman, Chlo Edwards, before the madness kicks off.

Click here to listen to Veils and read our interview with Chlo.

Thrash hits did an interview with us in preparation for tangled tour, have a read if you would like to see what we’re up to the next couple of months.

ONLY 2 WEEKS TILL TANGLED TOUR! Very excited to watch our favourite bands every night.


Veils live in Bideford.

This was an intense experience, this band always get a good reception at KCHC shows but this was something else. The kids were so into it- anyone would’ve thought it was a huge rock band visiting this little village, they were so excitable- singing along, mic grabs, dancing.

The fact we all hastily arrived just 10mins before stage time seemed to add to the effect.

Two new tracks- set to be released as part of a new EP on Tangled Talk records.


Aw cheers xEdx.